Time to say goodbye…

... to the Bahamas. After over 3 months it is time for us to leave the Bahamas and sail to the USA.

Dieter went once again fishing with Jordy in the Channel of Current Island. In the Channel you have 2 or 3 knots. So when you are diving for fish you have to be very precise otherwise they will float away. They were quite happy when they shot 3 fish in one hour!

Claudi stayed with the kids on board. Charly wanted to sew her own small bag. She was very proud when she helped Claudi sewing it.

The last time we went with Jordy and Karly to the beach they digged Charly in the sand and made her look like a mermaid ;o) 

mermaid Charly 😉

On the 25th May we left the Bahamas for the Berry Islands. We did two stops there until we reached the USA, West Palm Beach after a night sail on the 28th May. 

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