… to the Canary Islands

Day 3 28th November: In the morning a 3 metres wave was forecasted but it felt like we had waves of 30 cm ;o)

At 3 pm a cargoship (speed of 21knots, 144m long, 22m wide) passed 2 nm at our portside. If you think about the size of the North Atlantic and a huge cargoship coming that close to us it is quite impressing.

The same happenend to us at 8 pm. A cargoship  (70 m long, 12 m wide) passed 3nm behind us.

When you are on the Atlantic ocean the sky full of stars is really amazing and has a beauty that stands for itself. In the dark you could see some fluoreacent water which gave the atmospheare that certain something. Claudi showed Charly the pretty sky with the 1000 of stars and all she said was „Wow!“which hit the nail on the head.

Day 4 29th November: When Claudi got up at 7:30 she saw a beautiful sunrise and a sea like a mirror because there was no wind at all! It looked really weird but you could feel freedom when you look at the wideness of the ocean.




When Charly awoke she told us that she dreamt of the stars. That was so cute!

We prepared a wish list of the children and sent it via message in a bottle on the way to Santa Clause.


Charly waving her message in a bottle goodbye!

After lunch Claudi thought a dead animal was floating by the boat and watched for it. She found out that it wasn’t a dead animal but a small turtle. From time to time a turtle passed by. One was so shocked that it tried to swim away. As that didn’t work it looked again and decided to dive...

When you could see your destination on the plotter you always feel happy to get closer.


Day 5 30th November: Our diesel was rare and rather empty. We had 4 canisters of 20l each that we tipped over into the canister.Wind blew from behind with 8 knots which made us go 5,2 knots. There was predicted wind with 12 knots. Generally, we always had more wind than it was indicated. We were lucky that our diesel was sufficient for the trip.

                         Dieter relaxing with a fishing rod             Juchuh, we could see Lanzarote and La Graciosa 😉

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