Trip Fuerteventura to Cape Verde: Day 1 – 3

Finally we got the right weather forecast to start with our biggest trip so far to cross half of the Atlantic to Cape Verde. We would like to point out that it was a really adventurous trip but wasn't dangerous at any time.

20th January 2019:


After a good breakfast and saying farewell to our nice family from Germany we set our new sail, the Parasailor, which is a good comfortable sail for small crews for wind from astern. We bought the Parasailor for a really good price from a German sailor who didn't need it and it was almost brand-new. We were proud that all went fine when we set this sail for the first time ;o)

In the evening we were accompanied by some dolphins. We saw a fantastic scenario the first night: on the one side we could watch the moon rising and on the other side the sun going down.

It was fortunate that we had again full moon. On every longer trip - Biscay and crossing to Canary Islands - we sailed under full moon; and now again!


21st January: We sailed with the wind from astern to use the Parasailor's strength. We had waves from 2 until 3 metres and sometimes caused by a crossing wave Whitebird crashed into the waves like in the Biscay. For the boat it isn't bad only for the sailors who hear the loud noises from the waves...

22nd January: When Dieter finished his night shift and Claudi started her "duty" she was welcomed in the morning by some dolphins. Luckily the waves were smoother but with an altitude of 2,5 metres. Whitebird went gently up and down like an elevator. It was an incredible feeling when you see a big wave like a wall coming and the boat rises with it and dives down again. For Claudi it was incredible, for Dieter it was more a night mare and he preferred to lay down in the saloon and didn't watch the waves...

We sailed from 6,5 to 7,5 knots with the Parasailor which was really good speed for us.

When Claudi went to bed she couldn't guess what would happen during that night. At 2:15 she heard Dieter calling her that the Parasailor was torn apart!! How that could happen we  couldn't explain because we neither didn't have too much wind nor was it coming from the wrong side. Dieter turned both engines on to stabilize the boat but the right engine went down immediately. We had to take care of that problem later on because at first we had to recover the parts from the sail. With wind and waves it was a really exhausting work which we managed together. Unfortunately we couldn't steer the boat into the right direction - the reason was that on the starboard side was a big part of the Parasailor swimming in the water that prevented us from turning. When we finally got master of the situation Dieter had to cut of the rest of the sail which we couldn't get out of the water. This part was the reason why the engine couldn't run because it was tied around the propeller!

You cannot imagine how energy sapping this happening was and how glad we were that we  handled the situation and could continue our trip with our two fore sails! Dieter was so exhausted that Claudi took over his part of the night shift from 4 o'clock on...

to be continued...

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