Trip Fuerteventura to Cape Verde: Day 4-6

23th January: At around 18 o'clock we achieved half of our way (455nm). In the evening the waves crashed again heavily under the boat. It was psyological terror and we decided to run the left engine.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that the sky full of stars above the ocean is amazing!! 1000 of little lightning stars... The moon rised every day a little later.

At 21:30 our AIS went down. Maybe due to the crashing of the waves a loose contact was the consequence.

24th January: After getting smaller waves in the morning we were very relieved. Rocky came every morning down looking into our saloon asking when he would get his food. It was every time a funny picture to look at ;o)

At 15 o'clock Dieter saw a smaller wale 15 meters next to our Whitebird. Short time later it looked at Claudi as asking her "Hey, everything's all right?"                                                                                                                        On deck we found a flying fish that was totally dried. It looked really weird like a small alien. It seemed to be a kind of tiny octopus.                                                                      

At 17 o'clock we set the main sail although we didn't have much wind but every knot was important!

Dieter had a good moment although the waves, his sea sickness and his fear were still present and played the guitar for Charly ;o) 

At 23 o'clock the moon rised again. Charly was still awake and couldn't sleep. Claudi took her out on deck and showed her the moon. Together with Rocky we watched the moon rising which was a magical moment for us. Charly talked to the moon and said "Hello moon!" and answered herself "Hello Charly!" ;o)

25th January: We made yummy pancakes and enjoyed them!

Charly and Niklas played "boat" in a small box and had a lot of fun ;o)





Since there was less wind than we had expected one engine was running. At midnight when Claudi wanted to pass her shift to Dieter there was a strange noise at our remaining engine. We turned it down immediately because we didn't want to have another damaged engine. We sailed with 4 knots through the night but had a strange feeling what happened to the engine. be continued

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