Trip Fuerteventura to Cape Verde: Day 7-8

26th January: After breakfast we wanted to find out what was wrong with our left engine. Dieter checked oil in the sail drive and in the engine and both were all right. That were good news! On the other side it meant that there had to be something around the propeller which caused the different noise of the engine.

Dieter prepared our Gopro, fixed in a longer stative, to a bar so that it was long enough to hold it into the water to get a video from the sail drive. You have to know that on that day we had absolutely no wind. Without engine we made 1,7 to 2,2 knots... Almost nothing!

Here you can see the result of the Gopro from both engines:         

It was really unbelievable!!! A fishing net was tied round our left propeller while the other one showed the part of the Parasailor. It was kind of murphy's law "How was it possible to catch a fishing net in the wide Atlantic ocean???"

We had to find a solution to get rid of the fishing net because otherwise we had to declare an emergency case to be brought by a rescue boat into the marina of Mindelo of the island Sao Vicente.

Creative thinking was being asked and we acted like Mc Guywer. Our plan was to catch a part of the fishing net with the hook of a rod and then try to cut the net by a knife which we tied up to a bar with cable straps. The whole situation looked really crazy when one of us was holding the rod and the other one was cutting the net! Luckily there was no wind for this action and therefore also no waves... Believe us or not but after 3 hours we finally managed to free our propeller from the fishing net!! This feeling was unbelievable and strengthened us for the next 124 nautical miles that were remaining. We could start the engine again and were more than relieved!


27th January: The fascinating question was if we could manage to get into the marina before darkness. The wind blew with 9 knots and we could go with more or less 5 knots.

Before we could answer that question we had the luck to be accompanied by approximately 10 dolphins twice the day. There were smaller ones in that group which liked to play with the water jumping and clashing into it. The other ones enjoyed to play with the waves caused by our bow.


After knowing that we would arrive at the island São Vicente before sunset we were more than happy (Rocky included) ;o)!!!


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