Unbelievable stories ;o)

We knew that in the center of Cienfuegos was a big ice cream shop. It doesn't matter at what time you arrive because there is always a queue in front of the "heladeria". Its style was like from the 1950s (obviously the chairs ;o))

The next funny thing was the international bank in the center. We went there to get some local money and didn't believe our eyes when we entered. You thought you meet Erich Honecker (politician of the Federal Republic of Germany) personally! Dressed in a grey suit this man accompanied you to one of the counters. We thought about asking him for a signature and a foto ;o)

You won't believe the next story but it is really true: We needed a veterinarian for Suram because he had a health problem and Dieter said we would need only 20 minutes to get there. Said and done - we had a bicycle with a hanger for Dieter and Niklas, Charly could ride her own bike and Claudi took the dogs and went running (not really because it was too hot but in the beginning she did!). After a while Dieter had to admit that the way would be "a bit" longer than he imagined. In the end it was more than one hour in the heat! Everyone of us was very exhausted when we got to the address of the vet. Actually we were in a poor area in a side street where nobody would expect to find a vet. There was a big metal door where you could read "perros" (dogs) but which didn't look as a clinic for animals. We forgot to take a foto because we were so shocked and surprised... When we asked some neighbours they told us that the vet was doing some visits and would be back in 1 hour. Since the whole surrounding of the "vet" looked so awful we decided to go. The question was how we got back to the marina because we didn't want to continue on our way back as we had come. On the main road we had luck to catch a horse carriage! Claudi, the kids and the dogs got in and Dieter went by bike back to the marina. The name of the horse was veneno (poison) and its driver's name was Pancho ;o) The ride was an adventure for itself! Charly was happy because she liked horses and Niklas was so exhausted that he slept during the ride... The bench was so uncomfortable because you felt every bump or hole on the road. We had to make a detour because we weren't allowed to pass the big "clinica local" (hospital) because of the horse.

The driver wasn't allowed to drive to our marina because on some streets horse carriages were forbidden. This meant that Claudi had to get out 2 streets earlier and had to walk with the kids and the dogs. Puhhh...

The last crazy story happened to us in the center of the town. We did some shopping and finally Dieter saw a queue with a lot of people. He decided to get in the queue to find out what they were buying. We learned buy what you get and what is offered! This time it was soap and Dieter bought 4 times soap for 1 CUP (approximately 1 €). Absolutely crazy but now we have enough soap!!

It is soap time!

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