Visit of the coast guard

1st November

From Aves de Barlovento we needed 6 hours (30 nm) to get to Aves de Sotavento. When you get there the first island Isla larga has a coast guard called "Guarda costas". We were contacted by them via radio communication because we were in front of their island and asked if they allow us to anchor there. They came with their small boat and checked our passports and documents of the boat. After that they wanted an inspection of the boat. While they checked the two hulks if they found drugs or other illegal persons the boss asked Claudi about a big bottle of tomato sauce as a "present". Then we knew what they were looking for we could make a deal of 3 extra days to stay in isla Aves de Sotavento. When you follow the papers we were allowed to stay in los roques until 1st November. After 4 sauces, one white wine, a package of sugar, half package of diapers, 4 packages of cigarettes and soap for the dishes the deal was made! We found out that they had wifi on their coast guard station – who knows how and why they have it there. Dieter and Claudi went with the dinghi on shore and asked for the password. We were very lucky to have for one evening internet again ;o)

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