Visit to Georgetown and Beaufort

Georgetown was a nice old historic town to stop. We enjoyed walking next to the harbour and having a snack at a restaurant besides the river.

After a nice breakfast we continued to Beaufort which was already in North Carolina. We intended to stay there for one night but we had such a wonderful time that we remained for four days.

At the first day a police boat got close to us to advice us that we could stay on anchorage for 10 days! They were very friendly and explained us some things we wanted know. On the opposite side of our anchorage place was a small beach. We could go there with Charly and Niklas to play and swim 😉 which was a nice change between going on the ICW. We saw a lot of dolphins swimming in the bay where we anchored. They were very close to our boat which was incredible!

When we walked through the town we detected a restaurant on the harbour side and ate the best bruschetta we ever had!

One of the most beautiful sunsets with such a colourful sky...

We visited also a farmers market where the local people sold their products. On our way we walked through a neighbourhood with an old church until we arrived at the farmers market. It was very nice to talk to the locals.

Charly loved the small chickens...

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