Visiting an abandoned research center

On 1st March we reached Lee Stocking Island. The speciality about this island was that it operated a marine research center from 1984 to 2012. The Perry Institute for Marine Science included laboratories, housing, an airstrip, a dock, boats, and dive support facilities (they had even a decompression chamber). 

The scientists and marine biologists studied things like coral reefs, fisheries, ecosystems and the biodiversity of undersea life.

In 2012 the owner of the research center died and we were told by other sailors that his wife closed it from one day to the other. You could find everything from computers about documents and results of the studies to the whole equipment they used. Nevertheless, the research center was built up again on another island where they do research on endangered marine species. Their overall goal is to reverse the decline of coral reefs throughout The Bahamas.

It was very interesting for us to discover the island. To see the empty buildings and left equipment was a weird feeling to see. 

Beside a path over the island were a lot of coconut palms and we made efforts with a boathook to get them from the palms. We had a cordless electric screwdriver to drill a hole and let the coconut milk run into a bowl. Our harvest was 4 big bottles with coconut milk and a bowl with coconut meat. Charly and Niklas enjoyed to drink it pure and cold from the fridge and Dieter and Claudi drank it as sundowner with a shot of rum ;o)

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