Visiting the Jagua Fortress

In the marina we met a very nice French couple. The time we spent in the marina we were boats neighbours and had a good time together. When they returned from Havana with some friends to Cienfuegos we made a nice trip together.

All together in one moto taxi

We took a local ferry and wanted to visit the Jagua Fortress that was located near the entrance of the Cienfuegos Bay (1 hour away). The ferry was more than crowded with people! You had to pay 1 CUC which was very cheap.

After arriving at the village with the Jagua Fortress we were quite hungry and found a nice restaurant with a suburb view over the bay. There was a musician who played really good live music and Charly didn’t want to stop dancing...

Afterwards we visited the Fortress and Charly was allowed to tie up the rope bridge at the end ;o)

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