“Welkom” or “Goede dag” to Suriname

Suriname is a country of various religions and ethnics that live peacefully together. No matter if you are from India, China, Indonesia, Africa ... The „weird“ thing is that the main language is Dutch beside En glish. Many other languages are spoken due to the wide ethnic diversity. 

The history behind this country is that the Dutch first colonised Suriname in 1613. The country became independant in 1975 and since 1991 it has been operated as a democracy.

We stayed in Domburg for 3 weeks. It was a mooring place and had a berth for the dinghies.

The „marina“ consists of a restaurant called „River Breeze“ and had a swimmingpool which was nice to take a bath. 

On the first day we did immigration and all the formalities which took us approximately 3 hours in the capital Paramaribo. This city is the only sizeable metropolitan area in the country. The interior (around 80%) is not easily accessible and only few people live there. 

We rented a car for the time we were here. It was not expensive (between 12€ and 17€ depending on the car). Without a car you are not very flexible and it is much more easier to get to the two big supermarkets in Paramaribo. 

If you don’t want to go to Paramaribo for shopping you can find on nearly every corner an Asian supermarket! They sell everything from kitchen equipment over tools to a variety of food but the quality and the products differ from the more european ones. 

During our stay in Suriname Dieter's mother visited us again. With her we did a tour to the upper Suriname river into the jungle. More about it in the next blog...

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