Whitebird and crew say goodbye…

To place Whitebird into storage we had to do several things. One of the main parts was to put the sails down. It was a lot of work to do it. First you had to set the sails and then you could bring them down.

On Monday 13th July our boat was hauled out of the water and was brought to land.

It was a weird feeling to be on the boat on land. Claudi felt the first day as if the boat was still moving...

We had to consider a lot of things to leave Whitebird for one year. Which things could stay on board, which things are unnecessary and could be thrown away and which things could we take with us home? A lot of questions and work that had to be done.

The marina had a nice barbecue area where you could put your things on a grill heated by gas. After hard work on the boat we relaxed there, had some barbecue and drank a corona 😉

Now it's time to say goodbye to this journey! We hope you enjoyed reading our adventures and stories. The boat will stay on land for around one year. Then the skipper will bring the boat next year over the Atlantic to Europe. This is the plan so far but we have learned on this journey that plans can be skipped or changed very easily. So we don't know yet if the story will continue or come to an end...

At first we say goodbye for now and are looking forward to get back to Hamburg!

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  1. Liebe Claudi & Familie, ich habe euch sehr gern bei eurem Abenteuer begleitet und mit großem Interesse immer wieder euren Blog gelesen. Eine gute Heimreise wünsche ich euch, und bleibt auch auf dem letzten Abschnitt gesund! Nach zwei so aufregenden Jahren wünsche ich euch einen guten Neustart in Hamburg, vielleicht sehen wir uns bald im EH Quartier? LG Ilka
  2. Waaaaahnsinn,, wie die Zeit vergeht !! Liebe Grüße Nadine

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