Wonderful moments in Alter do Chao

We arrived at around 4 o' clock at our accomodation in Alter o Chao. Everybody had recommended this village, also one of the bosses of the marina in Jacaré. The funny thing was that we only had a small paper with the name of the accomodaton which we showed the taxi driver. He knew it and drove us there. It was a nice place to stay. We got a breakfast with all the things we liked.

Alter do Chao was a nice little village with a small island infront of it. It was called Isle do Amor and we felt in love at first visit. You went to this island either by speed boat or by normal boat via paddling.


The cool thing was that you could have lunch while you were sitting with your chair and your table inside the water. We had fish with rice and a lot of vegetables and of course we drank coconuts ;o).



Charly discovered a woman that made braids out of different colours. She was so happy and proud you couldn't believe it!!!


We walked through the water to the other part of the small island... We had such wonderful moments and enjoyed our motto "carpe diem"!


This tree had quite long thorns and small orange fruits inside the big leaves.






Unfortunately we had only the first day in Alter do Chao which was enjoyable for us. The next days everyone of us suffered from diarrhea which we had got from the ferry... First Dieter's mother, then Claudi and afterwards Dieter and Charly got it together with high fever. We were more or less recovered when we had to fly from Santarem to Recife with the plane. Niklas was the last who got the diarrhea with high fever when we were back at our Whitebird.

This ending was not so nice but the days before were worth doing it!

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