Discovering The Ocean on a catamaran

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A few years ago Claudi and Dieter dreamed about a long journey as they finished a house boat trip in Ireland.  The main idea was to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Without further, let’s introduce our family of sailors!

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Dieter was born in Hamburg, the city of the gateway to the world.  At the age of 22, he finished his pilot training and started to fly on a King Air and Metroliner for a small airline in Kiel.  By his early 30’s Dieter became captain on different aircrafts like Dornier 328, Citation XLS. Currently, he flies as captain of a Challenger 350.

But he found something was missing: he dreamt of something new, which he hasn't experienced before; of a bigger adventure.

One boat later and endless days of hard work, Dieter's dream became reality when he bought together with his wife Claudia the catamaran Whitebird in Portimao. A few years have passed until now and Dieter feels that sailing and cruising has changed his DNA. His stubborn nature means he is persistent with all projects and won’t stop until he gets the task done. 

Dieter was born in Hamburg in 1976 and loves to be a father of 2 kids.

Claudia grew up in Hamburg as well, a city harbour with all its flavour to discover the world.

As the age of 20, she finished her education as insurance professional and started to work for an old traditional company in Hamburg. Currently, she works as a senior controller.

Her transition to sailing was on a houseboat tour in IrelandIt was something that she has never really thought about as an option for the future. Previously knowing nothing about sailing, she’s now become a keen sailor and cruising has changed her life in the sense of becoming a more adventurous soul. Her systematic and thought-out nature has helped to turn our family from a normal family into a sailing family. She’s athletic, extremely kind and enjoys life according to the motto "carpe diem".


Claudi loves to have control of the direction at any time.

Her name is Charlotte.  Yep, that’s right, just like that old classic "Charlotte".  Charly is a charismatic and funny girl, kind of the ‘joker’ of our crew and she brings laughter, love and an easy-going flow to us. She’s a keen-as sailor and a cracker-destroyer.  She has lived and sailed on boats since she was born within 1 week.  Charly used to spend her time in the Kindergarten. She now lives and breathes our vibe, her love for sailing shows in her passion for life!  Her amazing ability to connect with people, no matter where in the world we are, has really helped. When not sailing she enjoys eating, drinking water and playing. 

Chaly wants to be always within the situation. But she can also spent time alone.

Niklas was born and raised in Hamburg. His creativity has taken him to many other places, in an area of around 5 metres.  He definitely has the best narrating voice we have heard in our life. We have the feeling he will give us a lot of good quotes to use…today he said “I’m sooo excited to have a big sister like Charly”.


Niklas loves to eat, to play and to grab his sisters hair...

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Rocky! Originally from Greece but with a German heart. The dog with the endless smile. Rocky was born 2006 and he is not shy but has always a positive outlook. He is stoked to be on any adventure and will always be the last one that's up with you when the day runs out. He is new to the world of sailing. 

Rocky loves to be on tour with his family

Suram from Surinam from the street. A small dog about 6 years old. He loves children, is a sailor but doesn't like the water. Suram loves other dogs and after his dinner his goal is to come below the deck. We are very happy to welcome him in our family.