Our POSITION during our rolling home tour

Courtesy of www.winlink.org. Copyright Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, public benefit corporation.


We are DO1DOH

Yes we are planing or we are on the way back to Germany and during our Atlantic crossing we will have more or less no internet connection. But there is a very slow gateway to the World Wide Web via our SSB RADIO.

What is a SSB radio? It is a long range radio system. With this system we can not only talk via a very long distance (up to the whole world), we can also communicate data. The data rate is very slowly (max. 5512 bit per second). Only small texts and files could be sent and received.

No pictures, no music, no videos. BUT GRIP FILES, E-Mails

We use this system with help of other Amateur radio operator. We transmit our position to these helpful people and they transmit our position to google maps. A GRIP file is a file with a high compression of weather data.

We are proud to say that we received help by support and information by Trans-Ocean e. V. and Intermar e. V.